No news is good news about ThinkGeek fossil sales?

So since 2 November I've been waiting to see if ThinkGeek will say anything new about the (currently discontinued) hadrosaur chunks they have for sale. At the product's page, the last update from them was on the 3rd. On their facebook, no comment. On their blog, no comment. So nothing has changed. The hadrosaur chunks… » 11/12/14 10:34pm 11/12/14 10:34pm

The DC/Marvel/Sony/Fox comic book movie premiere date list

Thanks to this, I need to update this terrifying list. Please, please, please, if you see things wrong or see places where it needs additions, say so in the comments! » 10/15/14 6:31pm 10/15/14 6:31pm

Who owns images of you? A quick dichotomous key

1) Did you take the image with your own property?
`If yes, proceed to 2.
`If no, proceed to 5

2) Did you consensually share the image with anyone else?
`If yes, proceed to 3
`If no, proceed to 4

3) The image is owned by you and whoever you consensually shared it with. Mature adults would generally assume that… » 9/25/14 3:10pm 9/25/14 3:10pm