The Muldiverse: A X-Files Anthology Proposal

The X-Files, a show that stopped being on TV in May of 2002, is coming back to TV, probably next year, as a six-episode limited series. How can such a thing make all the fans happy? What if... the series is six finale episodes, presented as an anthology series? » 3/26/15 12:56am Thursday 12:56am

2016 POTUS Candidates and STEM: Ted Cruz

Hi, and welcome to a potentially face-palming experience called 2016 POTUS Candidates and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Today, I'll examine Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is going to formally enter the 2016 POTUS race tomorrow. » 3/22/15 5:07pm 3/22/15 5:07pm

Study: South American native ungulates are stem perissodactyls

A molecular phylogenetic study published today in Nature argues that South American native ungulates (SANUs) are stem perissodactyls. » 3/18/15 4:38pm 3/18/15 4:38pm

Game of Thrones Season 5 Plot Probabilities

Season 5 of Game of Thrones will certainly toss some plots from the books they're adaptations of. This article attempts to guess at what happens in Season 5. Please comment with your thoughts and opinions on the probabilities. Spoiler warning: This article assumes you are caught up with the five published A Song… » 3/16/15 11:00pm 3/16/15 11:00pm

An open letter to Christians Against Dinosaurs UPDATED

It's February and apparently there is no real news in the world, so website after website has been talking about Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD). I'll join in. » 2/23/15 5:31pm 2/23/15 5:31pm

What's the point of CAD?

WTFossil? Jamaican sea cow edition

As part of the Serenada informal gedenkschrift, here's a short thing about fossil sea cows known from Jamaica. I know she liked Jamaica but I am unsure on her love of large extinct sea creatures. They're not quite supernatural creatures but I hope they'll do. » 1/16/15 8:30am 1/16/15 8:30am

Dinosaur 13 tells part of the story of Sue

Dinosaur 13 is a fairly well-made, though sometimes rambling, documentary. But like some documentaries, it avoids the opportunity to tell a complex story fairly in order to tell a simpler story more easily. » 12/29/14 10:10pm 12/29/14 10:10pm

No news is good news about ThinkGeek fossil sales?

So since 2 November I've been waiting to see if ThinkGeek will say anything new about the (currently discontinued) hadrosaur chunks they have for sale. At the product's page, the last update from them was on the 3rd. On their facebook, no comment. On their blog, no comment. So nothing has changed. The hadrosaur chunks… » 11/12/14 10:34pm 11/12/14 10:34pm

ThinkGeek selling fossils illustrates the problems of selling fossils

Update Note: no longer an active sale, apparently because ThinkGeek has sold all the items they purchased. » 11/02/14 4:32pm 11/02/14 4:32pm

The DC/Marvel/Sony/Fox comic book movie premiere date list

Thanks to this, I need to update this terrifying list. Please, please, please, if you see things wrong or see places where it needs additions, say so in the comments! » 10/15/14 7:31pm 10/15/14 7:31pm

Is there a link between the current California drought and AGW?

On the io9 frontpage yesterday there's this article by Mr. Dvorsky about a recent scientific paper that argues that the current California drought is "likely caused" by anthropogenic global warming (AGW). » 9/30/14 7:22pm 9/30/14 7:22pm